What is DE NADA?

De Nada is a full concierge service company that serves as the median between top tier clients and the night of their life. That includes personal drivers, private security, table bookings, and our amazing Ladies of De Nada

What is the booking process?

Add all the services you need to your cart. Upon completing checkout our team will reach out to you to get details to further customize your experience.

What is an atmosphere model?

Atmosphere models are hired to add beauty and excitement to the atmosphere of a particular environment, such as an event, party, or other types of social gathering.

Is DE NADA an escort company?

No, De Nada is not a escort company. We are full concierge service company that provides service reps to accompany our clients on a great night in the city.

Can you extend time on your service?

Please contact your De Nada Rep to inquire about increasing time on any service ordered. If granted, we will send a updated invoice to be paid on hand.

What is the refund policy?

If De Nada cannot perform the service requested we give a full refund.

Can I cancel?

Customers have 24 hours to cancel their order.